It started with a simple question: Can A.I. dance?  BBOY X AI project addresses the subject of collaboration of human and AI in art creation. It was first showcased in 2017.11.01 by XAI CREW founder Seiok Kim in a collaboration project with K-pop company SM Entertainment.

To produce the integrated work of choreography and technology, AI researchers who also has background in breakdance gathered in 2018.12.06 to form XAI CREW.  The mission of XAI CREW is to collaborate with researchers and artists and make networks around the word to create artworks that question the limits of creative art and practices. We develop new technologies, write academic papers and analyse human movement.


2019.07.06 Lectures / Opening Performance of Daejeon AI Festival 2019

2018.12.06 Founded XAI CREW with A.I. researchers.

2017.11.01 Participated in project with SM Entertainment, BBOY X AI